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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is Off Page SEO feasible for Online Business ?

The History of SEO, and the Future of modern off page seo are quite dissent. It’s hard to imagine the change of link building technique. Can link building amend rank higher in the SERPs and rise more traffic or More exposure using external building of links to your website.

The work of link building is to determine the best combination of category and rank of link back website to achieve the link building campaign objectives.

In the process of shorting directories, forum, etc... the link builder needs to answer these questions such as:
How many of the back link can be achieve through the various link building technique?
On which categories should the link to be placed?
How frequent should the submission meta tag be change?
How much submission should be permit in each medium?

There are limitations in link building, so how much feasible these old technique are - Directory, Article, Blog, Forum, Comment, Bookmark, RSS, Classified, PR etc... Please do not consider social media as link building.

Your contribution as a comment and valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

मंगल ग्रह पर जीवन है या नहीं

"थक गया हूँ तेरी नौकरी से ऐ जिन्दगी, मुनासिब होगा मेरा हिसाब कर दे...!!"
दोस्तों से बिछड़ कर यह हकीकत खुली... बेशक, कमीने थे पर रौनक उन्ही से थी!!
भरी जेब ने ' दुनिया ' की पहेचान करवाई और खाली जेब ने ' इन्सानो ' की.
जब लगे पैसा कमाने, तो समझ आया, शौक तो मां-बाप के पैसों से पुरे होते थे,
अपने पैसों से तो सिर्फ जरूरतें पुरी होती है।
कुछ सही तो कुछ खराब कहते हैं, लोग हमें बिगड़ा हुआ नवाब कहते हैं,
हम तो बदनाम हुए कुछ इस कदर, की पानी भी पियें तो लोग शराब कहते हैं...!!!
माचिस की ज़रूरत यहाँ नहीं पड़ती, यहाँ आदमी आदमी से जलता है..
दुनिया के बड़े से बड़े साइंटिस्ट ये ढूँढ रहे है की मंगल ग्रह पर जीवन है या नहीं
पर आदमी ये नहीं ढूँढ रहा कि जीवन में मंगल है या नही..
ज़िन्दगी में ना ज़ाने कौनसी बात "आख़री" होगी, ना ज़ाने कौनसी रात "आख़री" होगी..
मिलते, जुलते, बातें करते रहो यार एक दूसरे से,
ना जाने कौनसी "मुलाक़ात" आख़री होगी..
अगर जींदगी मे कुछ पाना हो तो तरीके बदलो, ईरादे नही..
ग़ालिब ने खूब कहा है..:
ऐ चाँद तू किस मजहब का है, ईद भी तेरी और करवाचौथ भी तेरा..

Friday, January 3, 2014

Work on Strong Call To Action

The basic of digital or internet marketing is strong call to action. At every place of possible opportunity of available online space. That is Text, image, video, color, size, etc... or overall design and web content.
Ask Digital Marketing Query

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

VIP Digital Marketing 2014

Digital Marketing 2014 Value Index Proposition for Digital Marketing 2014 A value index proposition is a Authority of urls value to be delivered to search engine and a volume from the result with click through rate. Search user that index value will be experienced with widely served impressions. VIP Digital Marketing can apply to an entire online marketing strategy or complete life cycle of conversion optimization.
Creating a value index proposition is a part of digital business strategy. Strategy should based on stat. Re-marketing is the source of sustainable VIP Digital Marketing. Developing a Value Index Proposition is based on a review and analysis of the Analytic Data with SEO Auditing.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Digital Marketing Technique

Digital Marketing Technique provides you today's most innovative online advertising and branding strategical solutions. Mobile advertising has become more interactive. Your effective Ads campaigns are necessary to supercharge your online sales and business brand loyalty. Success of any brand depends on the quality of digital campaigns, but campaigns are influenced by Ads Copy, Creative, Content with looks and feel and lastly but not the least development and design of the landing page. So it is obligatory to check and test numbers of time of your page script as well as browser compatibility along with loading time. Your ads achievements comes under the picture where the strategies are evolved.

Check below the do's and Dont's for Contextual Advertising :

Media Planning > Budget > Top Inventory > Marketing Collateral > Copy & Creative

Landing Page
Development & Script
Site Speed
Site Usage
Technical Aspect
Page Load Timings
Avg. Page Load Time in sec
DOM Timings

Monday, March 18, 2013

Digital Marketing Budget Allocation

Digital Marketing Budget Allocation

Digital Marketing = SEO + SEM + SMO
Two kinds of Digital Marketing

1 Push 2 Pull

Which one is free.
None of them, both of them are free as well as paid.

1. Push
2. Pull

Media : Search Network, Display Network.

Search: Text Based
Maximum orientation with Paid Search, Organic SEO, Social, Content, Blog, RSS etc...

Display: Image, Video, Animation...
Banner Ads with Different sizes, Video promotion, image slide show (Social) etc...

Your business never can reach your ROI if you are unable Integrate Push & Pull both in your Budget.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Best Time Frame for Social Marketing in India.

Social media plays a big role in Online Business & Branding. Today's Social Media projects an enormously huge field to connect and network at your fingertips. Information spreads across with different features on different platforms.
Data flows in and out within various different time zones across the globe. Prime Business areas cover the aspects of Online Marketing Campaigns, Faster, better and effective Communication.
Disadvantages of the super flow of data include potential legal consequences if people unintentionally or mistakenly express their views which turn out to be objectionable, illicit or offensive material to a certain group of people who are part of censor board representing the system designed and governed by them.
Consider Promotion and Engagement Guarenteed if you choose Social Media as a futuristic tool for SMO. And expect Super Success coming your way. Social media optimization (SMO) for sucess of business...
Try to use some suggested time for more...ROI...
Best time to post 1pm to 4pm. Best Traffic Day is Wednesday. Suggestion : Min 5 post a day for more. Time based on your user... & Time interval 3 Hours...
Best time to post 12pm to 2pm. Best Traffic Day is Monday. Suggestion : Min 10 post a day for more. Time based on your user... & Time interval 1 Hours...
Best time to post 7pm to 10pm. Best Traffic Day is Friday to Sunday. Suggestion : Min 1 post a day for more.
Best time to post 9:30am to 11:30am. Best Traffic Day is Thursday & Friday. Suggestion : Min 4 post a day for more. Time interval 1 Hours...
Best time to post 2pm to 4pm. Best Traffic Day is Saturday & Sunday.
eMailers Shoot
Best time to post 11am to 3pm. Best Traffic Day is Wednesday. Suggestion : Text based & Small amount of images (Ignore some Problematic Scripts)
Try suggested time and see if you get improvement in social engagement by changing your post times. Please let me know by your comments.