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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Digital Marketing Technique

Digital Marketing Technique provides you today's most innovative online advertising and branding strategical solutions. Mobile advertising has become more interactive. Your effective Ads campaigns are necessary to supercharge your online sales and business brand loyalty. Success of any brand depends on the quality of digital campaigns, but campaigns are influenced by Ads Copy, Creative, Content with looks and feel and lastly but not the least development and design of the landing page. So it is obligatory to check and test numbers of time of your page script as well as browser compatibility along with loading time. Your ads achievements comes under the picture where the strategies are evolved.

Check below the do's and Dont's for Contextual Advertising :

Media Planning > Budget > Top Inventory > Marketing Collateral > Copy & Creative

Landing Page
Development & Script
Site Speed
Site Usage
Technical Aspect
Page Load Timings
Avg. Page Load Time in sec
DOM Timings