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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Will Google Beat Facebook?

Will Google Beat Facebook?
Yes, will. There is one similar platform available like facebook is youtube. Need to change the functionality as per social network.

Is Google Strolling for Social Network?
Yes. Google has been a leader in many areas like Gmail, Blogs/Blogger, Android Mobile OS, Cloud computing etc. But Google is still struggling to overtake facebook in Social Networking. Google abandoned Orkut and started Google+ and I think it can't beat the facebook. And goole+ failed.

What is the different between Google (not G+) and Facebook?
Google is a shopping mall, where users are coming from their product and services need, then they use it and left. But Facebook is a home, every moment of life, we are trying to get our presence as well as for our nearest and dearest.

This is at least the fourth time that Google has tried to tame the social media beast. Previous failures include Orkut, Google Wave and Buzz. So will Google+ make the report card look good, given that naysayers are carping that it may be too late for Google to fail the Facebook giant?

The best suggestion from my side to Google is - Convert the Youtube as a Facebook platform and hope Google and beat Facebook within a Year.

This is my personal thought and not rescissory to bother you for the same.