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Friday, January 29, 2010

SEO Question and Answer.

1.How frequently SERP changes. Write day, min, month, yearly etc...
2. If any website get penalize in google search, what is your first step SEO.
3. Website has PR 6 but still no top 10 SERP. Why?
4. Website has PR 2 BUT it has top 10 SERP. Why?
5. Website open from delhi for 4 minutes but Bounce Rate is 78% Why?
6. Google consider 200 factor for SERP, write the name of all.
7. If we eliminate description as a meta tag, then what happen.
8. Which programming language is more flexible for every search engine .net PHP etc...
9. Why we test URL Mapping before the going website live.
10. What is the basic differences between Google, Yahoo & Bing Meta Tag.
11. If any website PR is 4 then how much time is required for PR 8.
12. Write the name of all meta tag.
13. Why XML & HTML Site map required.
14. How video sitemap work.
15. How Website spoofing work.
16. Is impact factor complicated task for article.
17. How we start Link analysis.
18. Differentiate back link, incoming links, inward links, inlinks, and
inbound links.
19. What is "Value Chain SEO"
20. What is this meta name="msnbot", content="nopreview"
21. Differentiate meta name="robots", content="nopreview"
and x-robots-tag: nopreview.
22. Why and where we consider in SEO 32 Words, 300 Words and 400 Words.
23. What is Maximum Length URI.
24. Maximum Character Length in ALT
25. Why SEO uses Title Tag within ALT Tag.
26. What is the end tag of enclosures.
27. Select the wrong one - Aggregator, Feed Aggregator, Feed Reader, News Reader, RSS Reader.
28. Suggest the best method for Online identity management.
29. What is Advance Operators in google searching term.
30. Understand these all site:only one website, link:linked pages, info:Info about a page, related:Related pages
31. Smart tips for Google search:

Phrase search "" putting double quotes around a set of words or + sign
Terms you want to exclude use - sign
Fill in the blanks * this is placeholder for any unknown term(s)
The symbol | (pipe) can be substituted for OR. No matter of CAPS

Don't use stop words, like the, a, and, for
Did all of these symbols show ! @ # $ % ^ & * search engine results independently.
Not ignored by Google search
Punctuation in popular terms that have particular meanings, like C++ or C# (both are names of programming languages), are not ignored. The dollar sign $ is used to indicate prices. AS 400 and NOKIA $400 will give different results. The hyphen - is sometimes used as a signal that the two words around it are very strongly connected.
The underscore symbol _ is not ignored when it connects two words, e.g. quick_sort.
strongly connected "and" are not ignored.

Google Analytic Question

How many types of Google Analytics Filter
Ans: Two type 1. Predefined filter 2. Custom filter
What is Predefined filter.
How many types of Predefined filter.
a. Write the code how to exclude all traffic from a domain.
b. Write the code how to exclude all traffic from an IP address
c. Write the code how to include only traffic to a sub directory

a. If domain is or
Then write abc\.com$ or abc\.com$
b.If the IP address to filter as:
IP address value will be:
For range of IP addresses. and
then the IP address value will be:
How many types of Custom filter

Ans: a. Exclude, b. Include c. Lowercase d.Uppercase
e. Search and Replace f. Advanced g. Lookup Table
Exclude Pattern: This type of filter excludes log file lines (hits) that match the Filter Pattern. Matching lines are ignored in their entirety; for example, a filter that excludes Netscape will also exclude all other information in that log line, such as visitor, path, referral, and domain information.
Include Pattern: This type of filter includes log file lines (hits) that match the Filter Pattern. All non-matching hits will be ignored and any data in non-matching hits is unavailable to the Urchin reports.
Search & Replace: This is a simple filter that can be used to search for a pattern within a field and replace the found pattern with an alternate form.
Lookup Table: Selecting this filter allows you to select a lookup table name which may be used to map codes to human intelligible labels. For example, the phone models table maps abbreviated phone platform identifiers to the model and manufacturer names for phone based web browsers.
Advanced: This type of filter allows you to build a field from one or two other fields. The filtering engine will apply the expressions in the two Extract fields to the specified fields and then construct a field using the Constructor expression. Read the Advanced Filters article for more information.
Uppercase / Lowercase: Converts the contents of the field into all uppercase or all lowercase characters. These filters only affect letters, and will not affect characters or numbers.

Please do not copy & modify all above question. All SEO question are based on my personal experience, And i hope that all question are the best practices for new comer SEO.

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